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Department narrative history and yearbook contests


The National Historian will conduct annual one-year narrative history and yearbook history contests for the department level. These contests add continuity to the recording of department events for future generations. Comprehensive records are of significant historic value.

Department historians are encouraged to use the same format as posts for their one-year department

Narrative history and one-year department yearbook: Where the outlines say "post," insert "department," and determine if the suggested item fits the context for your narrative history or yearbook.

Judging of department entries for both the narrative and yearbook categories is based on the department's history covering one year, beginning with the installation of department officers up to and including the annual department convention and installation of the next year's officers.

To participate in the national contest, department histories must be "certified" by the department adjutant and forwarded to the National Historian to arrive in Indianapolis by Sept. 15. Department adjutants need to contact the National Historian or National Headquarters' Library and Museum Director for exceptions.