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Fae Casper

NADHAL President


Fae Casper was born in Boise, Idaho, on March 16, 1943.  As a child she attended many schools in the Idaho and Oregon area because her parents did farm and construction work.  There were a total of 14 children in the family with three brothers and three sisters older and three brothers and four sisters younger.  Fae was the first of the family to graduate from high school and college.

One year after graduation from Weiser High School, Fae joined the Women's Army Corps.  While in the Army she went to basic training at Fort McClellan, Alabama, and then to Medical School for nine months at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.  On-the-job training was at Fort Ord, California, and then to a permanent duty station at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.  After her marriage in December 1963 she was reassigned to Fort Bragg, NC.

Fae is the mother of three daughters, one son, 10 grandchildren and 1 great-granddaughter.  Ronda is divorced and has a one daughter, Ashley Marie.  Janice is married and has a one daughter Nichole and 2 step daughters.  Nichole has a daughter Layla.  Debra is a son and daughter.  Lee, is married and has four sons and 2 daughters.  Ronda and Ashley live in Austin, TX; Janice and family live in Galveston, Texas; Debra and family live in Sante Fe, TX; and Lee and Betsy are both in Kuwait.

Fae rejoined the Army Reserve in 1974 and was called back to active duty with the Army at Fort Chaffee to assist in the resettlement of the Vietnamese refugees.  In 1980 she was again called to active duty and was stationed in St. Louis, Missouri, prior to her transfer to 335th Signal Command in East Point, Georgia in 1987.  She joined American Legion Post #51 and since then has been very active holding the positions of Historian for 5 years, Scrapbook Chairman for two years, Junior Vice Commander for two years, Senior Vice Commander for four years, and Commander for one year (the first female Commander of Post #51).  From 1990-1996 she served as the Post Adjutant with the exception of 1993-94 when she was Post Commander.

Fae has also served two years as the District Junior Vice Commander for the Fourth District, one year as the Historian, and one year as Adjutant.  She has also served as the District Commander.  She was selected as the Fourth District Legionnaire of the Year in 1995.

At the Department level she has served as Chair of the Women's Vietnam Memorial Committee for five years, member of the POW/MIA Committee, member of the VA & Rehab Committee, and member of the General Davis Highway Committee.  In October 1994 she was elected as the President of the Georgia American Legion Press Association and in 1995 served as Newsletter Editor for GALPA.

Fae has served as Department Commander in 2008-2009, Historian for 6 years, 2 years as Public Relations Chair.  She has also served as a Junior Vice Commander, Senior Vice Commander and 2 years on the Reconnect program.

National positions include Historian in 2001-2002, and on many committees/commissions, including Distinguished Guest, National Security Council, National Trophies and Awards, National Public Relations Commission, and currently on the National Marketing, Media and Communications Commission.  She attended the National American Legion College in 2001, has been a member of the National Press Association since 2002, currently serving her second year as President of NADHAL, and represents Blue Cap Legion members on the ANIVICUS Board.

Fae has been a member of The American Legion for 34 years.